11 Reasons Why Milind Soman Has Ruined All Men For Us!!...
Milind Soman

11 Reasons Why Milind Soman Has Ruined All Men For Us

11 Reasons Why Milind Soman Has Ruined All Men For Us!!…

Have you encountered one of those moments before, when you are really fond of one dish, say Ras Malai, and you can do anything to have that? But then, while traveling somewhere, on a random highway near a small town, you taste a Ras Malai in some restaurant which is like the best Ras Malai you’ve ever had. Now, you can’t eat any other Ras Malai, since all seem so tasteless in front of that one. That highway Ras Malai ruined your favourite dish for you, forever.

Milind Soman has done exactly the same. Right from the moment he popped out of the ‘Made In India’ box in Alisha Chinai’s music video, we cannot seem to get him out of our head.

So, here are 11 reasons why Milind Soman, India’s biggest supermodel, has ruined all men for us, forever.

1. He has the body and face of a Greek God.


How can anyone be so perfect? I MEAN, HOW?

2. He is bold, courageous and has always taken his career seriously.


This shoe ad shot in 1995 created a lot of controversies. Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre posed nude with a python wrapped around. You’ll be lying if you say you didn’t feel things you had never felt before, after seeing this ad.

3. He is an avid and a very strong sportsman.

10562650_538310762964956_604125298650074075_o 11425200_700993600030004_3988522101377462098_n

A national level swimming champion, Limca record holder for running, and ‘The Ironman’; the title he won after finishing the toughest triathlon of the world. What else do you want? Sigh!

4. He was always the perfect boyfriend in all those dreamy 90s videos.


Remember the guy you dreamed about in your teens? The perfect guy who entered in the perfect moment and won your heart perfectly? He is that guy.

5. He can be anything. Absolutely anything.

A superhero.


The ultimate ‘Man’


The boy next door

10404398_609834392479259_8126025726702481637_n 12235091_769452029850827_4465733383946627825_n

Or just himself (which is inexplicably hot)

10355839_533000120162687_7475793639527103407_n 14410_668147703314594_2176428865317445810_n

6. He can pull off any look with utmost perfection.

12088341_755859714543392_734518665684007753_n 10659198_562319683897397_3213263969254353733_n

Jesus Christ. Oh, wait!

7. He has dedicated everything to make India fit.


From environmental care to good health and breast cancer awareness, he is doing his bit for everything he can.

8. He is as humble as he is hot.

11037712_657869661009065_6513974125785609623_n 12512408_836530613142968_5299098082586710220_n

Because God decided to make him perfect, and watch us die.

9. He has the best freaking smile in the whole world.


Every girl wants to be smiled at like that.

10. Aaaand, he is single.


That is like the last nail on the coffin of our awakened soul. I mean, you show me any other perfect man, and I’ll give up anything.

11. Your charm is inexplicable beyond words, Milind Soman.

11755090_719754008153963_8804798917894265042_n 11947779_737011063094924_5952348518593329913_o

You not only make every girl’s heart melt…

But you are a true inspiration for every walking soul on this planet.

We love you. <3