65th National Film Awards: Sri Devi’s wins ‘Best Actor’ for ‘Mom’

The evergreen Chanandi who is no more part of this world and left us all alone, wins Best actress award for her incredible performance in film Mom. 65th National Film Awards have been announced by the jury headed by renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur. Late Sri Devi was one of the finest artist of our Bollywood and leaves her patch behind among all of us. 

The actress won the title of Best actress, which we all know that she was the best but now the entire will just see her in earliest films, and in that one of the best film which was unfortunately her last film “MOM” where Sri Devi was brilliant with her acting and here is the prove of her hard work, as on 65th National Film Awards, the actress wins “Best Actress” award for her performance in Mom. 

Nevertheless to say, Sri Devi will always rule in everyone’s hearts ever and forever. I’m sure, her family must be proud of her, so the whole nation!