A subspecies Red Panda-Shining Cat!

The (Ailurus fulgens) is also known in some areas as the Shining Cat. Native to the Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. It is the sole member of it’s genus Ailuirs. It’s diet mainly consists of bamboo, but it is an omnivore, and eats anything the woodlands provide. It’s ability to eat bamboo rests with it’s strong, curved, sharp claws. 
A distant relative to the giant panda, there are no more than 10,000 adults left in the world, though it is protected by several countries. It’s decline is blamed on loss of natural habitat, and poaching. Like the giant panda it also has a false thumb that is an extension of the wrist bone which aids tremendously in gripping things. They are typically shy creatures living a solitary life, except around mating season. Females give birth to one to four cubs usually in the spring and summer. Young pandas remain in their nest for about 90 days before venturing out on their own. The red panda had been previously classified as a relative of the raccoon (for obvious visual reasons) in the past but was found that this was not accurate. Though greatly smaller than their distant cousins, they are indeed panda bears.

Credits: Hubpages