A train would make an unscheduled halt so that people would watch Ramayan together at Rampur!

Ramayan, the immortal classic is once again entertaining viewers all over. The artistic rendition of Lord Ram’s story has enamored audiences across age groups. The show being telecasted on India’s leading GEC – StarPlus has been creative waves on the TRP charts as well. It’s a well-known fact that this mythological show had a huge impact on the country and its social strata. The entire country would come to a standstill when Ramayan aired on every Sunday.

Ramayan had earned a loyal audience which ensured to watch each and every episode. As per excerpts from the book ‘An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar: From Barsaat to Ramayan’, people would postpone and reschedule important events to ensure that no one misses even a single episode of the mythological classic. An interesting incident that happened was when a passenger train which traveled from Patna to Delhi every Sunday would take an unscheduled halt at a station named Rampur and the entire staff along with the passengers would watch Ramayan and then resume their journey! People would go berserk if there was a power outage when Ramayan would be telecast!

It does not come as a surprise that even today audiences are glue to the television sets as the story unfolds about how good triumphs over evil. Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan has truly broken records in all aspects.

Tune in to the epic mythological tale of Ramayan at 7.30 pm everyday only on StarPlus.