Actress Pooja Banerjee met her crazy fans in Jakarta

Recently actress Pooja Banerjee was in Jakarta as her husband swimmer Sandeep Sejwal was competing for India in Asian games, she was there to cheer for India. When they were staying in a hotel in Jakarta few fans of Pooja came to meet her and gave a huge surprise to her.
Speaking on that Pooja says,”Sandeep was swimming and I was in the hotel when the organizers told them that few people wanted to meet your wife. He finished his swimming and gave me a call. Then I asked them to wait at the entrance as they couldn’t enter the stadium without the tickets. I went and met them, it was such a special experience. They have got so many gifts for me as well. I was touched by their gesture.
Pooja is very popular in Indonesia because of her portrayal of Vishkanya in Chandra Nandini and people have also seen her in shows like Hatim and Nagarjuna. She adds,”As an actor when you get to meet your fans its a different feeling,  I will surely cherish these precious moments throughout my life.” Pooja promises that she will keep working to bring something better for her fans every time.”