Actress Prakriti Nautiyal shares a story behind her character in Colors’ Barrister Babu

Actress Prakriti Nautiyal, who is currently being seen as Ramaiya in “Barrister Babu, is getting a lot of good feedback for her looks in the show. Speaking of which she says, “Ramaiya is emotionally driven, empathetic and positive. My look has softer shades of colors like pink, white and yellow.” Playing the role of a prostitute in a TV show is challenging as there is hardly any time to do prep work. So how did you manage? “It’s true that prep work for TV is a big deal. We are shooting everyday and that too in a short time period. Luckily it’s been very easy for me to connect to Ramaiya’s character as I feel the positivity and protectiveness that she has for Bondita. It takes about 90 minutes to get ready as Ramaiya because a lot of specific details need to be added for the hair, makeup and costume. It’s been a little difficult as one has to also be very cautious and careful during this pandemic.”

Speaking about the feedback she adds, “I am getting a lot of happy and positive feedback for Ramaiya’s role. Having said that, it’s also true that people are having a hard time accepting the fact that little girls and women were thrown or left at brothels and forced to face such a harsh reality in that era and how far we have all come from there. So playing and depicting that on screen is quite a learning process for me.”