Actress Ratna Pathak Shah slammed Sonakshi Sinha for doing such film like Dabangg!

Ratna Pathak Shah is one of the most popular actress of the film industry, as well as she is a very best director and well known for her work in theatre, televisions.

In an interview, the actress lashes out at Sonakshi Sinha for doing such film like Dabangg.

Shah said, “Everyone who decides to act in a film; every woman; I am sorry to be judgemental… but every woman who decides to act in a film like Dabangg where she is made a complete object of lust and more or less, nothing else, those women should also stand up and say ‘no, I don’t feel doing a part like this’. Particularly since I have got a mummy or daddy to bankroll this, at least at this time I won’t.”

“Silk Smitha didn’t get a chance to say that. Her family depended on her doing what she had to do. My family doesn’t depend, so why am I not standing up?”, she added.

Ratna told, “Shammi Kapoor did it for years and all a girl said was ‘You stupid’ and that’s the end of the conversation.”

Bhumi Pednekar is also agreed with Ratna Pathak Shah and said, “We need to become more responsible. I completely agree considering the kind of impact we have on people, on the public, we need to know because every time you are smacking a girl’s butt, there are going to be 10 boys in a small little village in India doing the same thing and they think it’s okay.”

Well Sonakshi is also part of Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3. Let see what the actress has to say about Ratna Pathak Shah’s comment on her ?

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