Actress Sara Arfeen Khan’s Book Decalered Bestseller On A Leading E-Portal

Sara Arfeen Khan’s ‘I’m Worth It’ hit the Number 1 spot on a leading e-portal in its first-week of inauguration. Launched in Mumbai on March 11th by actor Tiger Shroff, the book also carries a forward written by actress Bhumi Pednekar. Despite printing being stalled due to the pandemic and lockdown, the book has managed to retain its spot and has reached Number 1 on the bestseller chart of the leading e-portal.

“I was super excited, extremely happy, and had gratitude that my book could be in the bestsellers list. For anybody who’s work is appreciated it feels really good. So yes I am very thankful, that the book was appreciated and my work was appreciated,” said Sara.

In the words of Bhumi Pednekar, ‘I’m Worth it: The 3 Step Formula To Be A Powerful Woman’, “gives you the inspiration you need to stop this self-doubt and start the beautiful process of loving yourself.”