Agnel Roman’s marathi film to premiere in Russia

2020 will be an interesting year for music composer Agnel Roman, as his Marathi film Kaaal , a spooky thriller, for which he has created background music, will release in Russia. The film has got good reviews from critics for its innovative spooky effects in the background. Agnel has not only composed the music but also co-produced the film. He says, “Background music plays a very important role in any horror film because if it is not effective, the other elements in the film lose its charm. We have also used violin bow on guitar , created music in the bath room to get hollow effects, visited real haunted houses in Pune, Shamshan Ghats, to get the real ambience of the place to make situations look real.”

The film revolves around the concept of Paranormal Activities and makes it different from other horror films as none has handled this topic so far. Russia and has a huge following of such content and proved one of the reasons why ‘Kaaal’ was picked for the Festival.

Agnel is a highly talented music composer, who has earlier composed for and sang for horror films like Ragini MMS and Darr@the mall. The Composer and singer is extremely thrilled that the his first production will be a marathi film and will have his background music.