Akshay Kharodia is all set to debut with Kandy Twist!

Actor Akshay Kharodia will soon be making his debut with the film Kandy Twist. He is ecstatic to be part of the project. “I have been very lucky. Till now, I have done two films, my first film Kandy Twist is about to release on the 27th of September for which ‘Anna’ aka Sunil Shetty cast me,” says Akshay, who has done multiple ads before this.
Talking about his debut film Kandy Twist, he says “It’s a very interesting story. The day I went for the audition, it was raining very heavily, so most of the auditions got cancelled, and so had mine. I was coming back hopelessly wondering what I should when someone there saw me and asked what happened. I told them that unfortunately the auditions had got cancelled and so I was going home. He asked me if I got any good clothes with me and since I had, he guided me to go up and give the audition. I got ready and went for the audition. When I went there, I saw there were two well-known actors sitting there. So I went and sat there and the casting team saw me and they just said that they wanted me, they had not even auditioned me. Sunil Shetty specially called me and said in front of the director that this guy will go very far in Bollywood and he will be the star face of your movie.”
In fact, it seems like Akshay shares a unique connection with Sunil. “It’s a big coincidence that one night before meeting him I was watching his funny videos and I was laughing like anything and the next day itself I was sitting in his office. I could not believe that I was sitting in front of him. When I met him, he just said that ‘Akshay you have a very good future in Bollywood, remember this always’. He told my director that I have that charm and even told him to keep the focus on my face. He wished me luck and told me that we will work together. That was the first meeting, then after that, we met after the film was completed. He saw the film and congratulated me and even appreciated my work,” he says.
Akshay loves his role in the film too. “I am playing the main lead in the film. He is a young innocent college-going guy. He is very intelligent but he gets very nervous when he is talking to girls or anything. It’s a story about him and what’s happening around him,” he says.