Amal Sehrawat bonds with Anita Raj!

Actor Anita Raj and Amal Sehrawat have been playing mother son Kulwant Kaur and Jagga respectively in the show Choti Sardani. The show has clicked with the masses and classes and getting good trps too. Amal and Anita Raj were spotted shooting at filmcity. They both bond over fitness talks and Amal feels she is excellent as a co-star and a human being who is full of compassion. Anita Raj had given good hits in bollywood which include Pem Geet, Naukar Biwi ka and Ghulami. Amal admires her zest for life and love for fitness and both often discuss fitness besides the scenes Her fitness level is talk of the TV circles too. She is a woman of substance and has won audiences heart