Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Bangalore!
Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Bangalore!

Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Bangalore!

Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Bangalore!

Here are some of the amazing facts which you need to know about Bangalore!

1. Bangalore has the distinction of producing the Maximum number of Scientists from India who were Nominated for the Nobel Prize. Sir CV Raman, associated with IISC Bangalore in 1930 won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

2. “Bangalored”- This word was invented by the Americans which means you got fired from your job because it was outsourced to an offshore company.

3. Bangalore Has The Highest Number Of Pubs In Asia.Therefore It Is Also Known As The Pub City Of India.

4. Bangalore was designated a “Non-Fan city” for the citizens who were working in defence, till the mid 1950s. The people who were working for army/navy/air force were not provided with fans in their quarters as the climate was so cool and pleasant. They often required blankets during rains in the night.

5. The increasing number of stray dogs in many part of Bangalore is giving sleepless nights to residents. The major threat is for the night walkers, pedestrians and two wheeler riders, as they are chased mercilessly by dogs nipping at their ankles. Unfortunately in Bangalore dog bite incidents appear to be increasing every year. The ratio of dogs vs. humans is 1:37. Every 5 minute a person is bitten by stray dogs in Bangalore.

6. Plague led to the construction of a large number of mariamma temples, telephone system and the Victoria hospital. The crises that were caused during this epidemic improved the condition of sanitation and health facilities. Health officer were appointed and the city was divided into four parts for better coordination.

7. Bangalore consists of the Only temple which is dedicated to the Pandavas!  Shri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple located in Thigalarpet is one of the oldest and famous temples situated in Bangalore city. This temple is unique as it is the only temple in India which is dedicated to the Pandavas. The Archeological survey department concluded that this temple is about 800 years old and is an excellent example of ancient art.

8. Lalbagh covers an area of approximately 240 acre. Its not only a collection of more than 1000 species of flora and fauna, but it is also the home to The LalBagh Rock which is considered among one of the oldest rock formations on earth, dating back to 3,000 million years and many trees that are more than a century old.

9. An explosive is named as “Bangalore Torpedo”. Bangalore torpedoes are a simple explosive device which were invented and manufactured in Bangalore. They are used for clearing booby traps and light obstacles such as barricades and barbed wire. They were widely used during both the world wars and are even used today as they are portable, simple and easy to use. This explosive has been depicted in movies Breakthrough, Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day, Storming Juno, and The Big Red One.