Amazing tips for healthy and beautiful hair
healthy and beautiful hair

Amazing tips for healthy and beautiful hair

Amazing tips for healthy and beautiful hair

From top blow-drying and styling tips to the hair care products you need to revive dry and damaged tresses. So, here are some tips for healthy and beautiful hair.

1. Regular trims-

Regular trims keep your hair healthy and allow it to grow quicker. Depending on the thickness of your hair you should try and fit in a visit to the hairdressers every 6-to-8 weeks.

2. Comb don’t brush-

Comb your hair when it’s wet rather than using a hairbrush to prevent split ends. Check out the Body Shop’s detangling comb (£4), it’s soft and gentle on hair and great for kids!

3. Ketchup for blondes-

If you have blonde hair or highlights, wash your colour with tomato ketchup after getting out the swimming pool. The red tones and vinegar help to neutralise the green that can appear when your peroxid-ed locks mix with chlorine.

4. Use your hands-

Always run your fingers through your hair after styling with tongs or straighteners, especially if you’re curling your hair, it will give it more texture and make the finishing piece look less uniform.

5. Blast of cold water-

Seal your hair cuticles by blasting them with cold water once you’ve rinsed the conditioner out – this will give your hair more of a shine. It sounds horrible, but it works!

6. Bristle brushes are best-

For smooth, sleek hair always use a real bristle brush. It will also help reduce split ends as bristle brushes are softer on hair. Only brush your hair twice a day though, as over brushing can leave it feeling greasy and lank.

7. Protect your hair-

SPF protection for your hair is almost as important as it is for your skin, but often we forget to protect our hair. Invest in a good SPF spray or wear a hat when sitting out in the sun.

8. Pre-shampoo treatment-

Hair oil can be used as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment to give your scalp and hair extra nourishment. Simply massage it into hair from root to tip and leave on for at least 20-minutes before shampooing hair as normal.

9. Focus on the roots-

Always remember when washing hair to concentrate more on shampooing the roots, and conditioner mainly on the ends. Only put conditioner on the roots if really needed as it can cause your hair to look flat and lank!

10. Inch by inch-

Only blow-dry small sections of your hair at one time. Trying to blow-dry hair sections more than an inch thick will not work as the heat won’t pass through.