Amiben Modi: A mother’s love is unconditional

This Mother’s Day, spiritual healer Amiben Modi talks about the significance of a mother in a child’s life. She says, “A mother is the first influence in everybody’s life, it is the mother who brings the baby into this world and every person’s first impression of this world starting from surrounding to language, from morals to mental well being all are stemmed from the mother. Spiritually speaking, from the point when a baby is in a mother’s womb, it is only a mother that gives the child the sanskaras required to lead a successful life.”

Mothers love is said to be unconditional, says Amiben. “A mother-child relationship is as important as water in the human body. A mother can cross the 7 seas, climb the highest mountain and do anything for her child. A mother never reasons, mother always understands and supports. Why is a mother’s love unconditional? It is because she is tied to the child through the umbilical chord. Children can disconnect from the mothers but a mother, because she has made the baby from her own body, can never disregard or forget a child and a mother’s love never ever decreases,” she says.

Here’s what you can do for your mothers! “Expressing is the first step, doing is another! Today everywhere there are nuclear families and hence a mother’s influence on children is more. In today’s competitive age, a mother has a lot of expectations from her kid and this often leads to children lying to their mothers or hiding facts. As a spiritual healer, I come across many such cases my only request to them is keeping your relationship with your child expectation-free, guide them best but keep your relationship free of rigid expectations for a truly loving relationship,” she says.

General tips for a long lasting and loving relationship by Amiben:

1. Every child, no matter the age, should have a no-phone hour, spend one hour with your parents – in the end, your parents don’t want anything more than your time.

2. A mother’s blessings have the most power, they remove all hurdles a child may face. Every child should touch their parents’ feet every day because your parents never want anything from you. They are there just to give you love and unlimited blessings.

3. Celebrate the time you have in this world with your parents, love them every day, cherish them every day, go for a movie, do thoughtful gestures and just create happiness in your family!