Amiben Modi on why friends make life worth living

This Friendships Day, spiritual healer Amiben Modi talks about the significance of friends in our life. “We are blessed with relatives but in life we choose our friends. A true friend can be your real companion throughout life through your ups and downs and can really understand you best as there is no bond purer than true, unconditional friendship. Friends understand the things that family cannot,” she says.

She adds that life has no meaning without friends. “Life without friends is as colourless and lonely as having a black and white TV. Everyone has friends, irrespective of age, gender. Also, the interesting thing about friendship is that you always attract people who share your tastes and likes, be it a sport or be it a hobby or a passion. You share a big part of your life and create memories with friends,” she says.

In fact, people with friends are stronger, she says, “Being an energy reader since 25 years, I’ve seen that people with true friends have a solid moral and emotional support system. They have the power and confidence to win in life and are generally more happy and successful. I wish all my readers are surrounded and blessed with amazing, happy, happening and naughty friends!” she adds.