Amit Sadh on working as Kabir Sawant in Amazon Original Series Breathe Into The Shadows

Amit Sadh returns as inspector Kabir Sawant in Amazon Original Series Breathe: Into the Shadows. The new season opens with him in jail, visibly beefed up and getting into prison brawls. Kabir Sawant is one of Amit Sadh’s most successful characters. The way Kabir intertwined with Amit’s personality and resonated with the audience was special. He waded through his own turmoil yet wanting to do right, a sort of character everyone connects to.

Amit believes that web series allow the character to grow and makes everyone working on it push for more. The character has evolved with time and Amit credits the writers and the director for making the character what it is. For him, what makes Kabir special the duality of his character- he’s damaged, he’s crazy but at the same time, all he wants is to protect, to take care.

Amit’s own life experiences have helped him explore and portray the Character of Kabir 2.0 and it has been a memorable journey for him.