Aniruddh Dave: Amitabh Bachchan told me TV is hard work

Well! We are all aware of the long hours and hectic schedules TV has and daily show actors have often spoken about how they hardly get any time off. Actor Aniruddh Dave, who is currently part of the show Patiala Babes, says that veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan has been part of TV and agrees with the pressure of extreme workload here. “TV surely requires you to work hard and everyone knows this. The biggest example I know is Amitabh Bachchan who did Yudh on Sony TV and when I met him, I told him I am doing television. He said that I am doing great work as it takes a lot of hard work to do television since he has done it too. I don’t think any actors are unknown to the fact that television is not easy,” he says.

Many actors take up roles in TV for money too. However, Aniruddh does not consider them as real artists. “The actors doing it for just name, fame and money, I won’t consider them as actors. A true artist is one who lives for acting. Of course, money is important but you cannot be on screen just for fame and money. A person who has true passion for the craft won’t do it just for the fame and money. If they do then they won’t go a long way in the industry,” he says.

With TV actors such as Mouni Roy and Mrunal Thakur getting big roles in films today, the divide between TV and film actors seems to have reduced considerably. Aniruddh says that this is a great move. “I really appreciate that TV actors are getting great roles in films. I don’t think there’s any difference now. It’s good that actors are not bifurcated,” he says.

And what about he doing a film? “I think all these things need to be left to destiny. For films, you need to take a break and for 12 years, I haven’t really taken a break. I did television and the one break I took, I did 3 web series and a film. If you get a film, you have to be unprofessional and leave one project for another which I cannot do. For me, my work ethics are the most important. I did a full-fledged regional film in the break which I took for my web series,” he says.