Aniruddh Dave: Films or TV don’t matter, your craft does

The lines between films and TV have merged and actor Aniruddh Dave says that it is your craft with matters in the end. “You only have to show your craft. It should not matter to you that is it being shown on the big or small screen. There is an audience for both,” he says.

The actor has had a successful career for the past 10 years in showbiz. He has been part of projects such as Phulwa, Ruk Jaana Nahi, Yaaro Ka Taashan. Talking about how he managed without any formal training in acting, he says, “I don’t think that there is anything called as an acting course. I think there is no benefit in doing any acting course. Now, I am on a set and that is my acting course. The difference is that I am getting paid for this one! I am good at managing my acting and dialogues in Hindi as I am a Hindi language speaker and I have worked in Hindi theatre and I have a good hold over that Language.Aniruddh Dave would be seen playing lead in Patiala Babes.