Aniruddh Dave’s  Singapore travel  diaries!

Actor Aniruddh Dave is back from a relaxing trip to Singapore. The actor, who had visited Singapore briefly earlier, loved the place so much and planned a trip there this time. “Once I was travelling somewhere, and it was a halt flight, so I stayed at Singapore airport. I found the airport to be the best one but I didn’t get the chance to roam around. So, this time I planned a trip to Singapore,” he says, adding, “I visited places such as Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios and many more.”

The actor made sure to try out the local cuisine there. “When I travel somewhere, I always try to eat the authentic dish of that place. Undoubtedly, I almost tried all the dishes except seafood as I don’t like it much,” he says. While he loves his work, Aniruddh feels that holidays are necessary for actors. “Short breaks are very important for an actor as these are needed to revive their energy. It enables you to meet new people, explore more and learn some new things,” he says.

The actor adds that shooting was TV can get quite hectic. “When you are acting in television, you have to work hard as there are many talented actors who are waiting for the opportunity. So, you have to slog and improve yourself and your character,” he says.

With the advent of the web, the face of Indian TV has changed, says Aniruddh. “The Indian television is in the phase of change. Though there is the advent of the digital world the audiences are still keen to watch TV soaps. But if you talk about the content and competition they are very competitive,” says Aniruddh, who is seen in the web show Zindabad. He adds, “The industry is ever growing. The shows are very different now. It’s not confined to Saas-Bahu drama. Now, we have female-oriented shows male-oriented shows, kids-oriented shows, abstract shows, absurd shows, reality shows. I chose digital as I wanted to explore this side of me. I also got a good concept in television, therefore, I accepted the offer too.”

Here are some of the Vacation pictures of the actor.