Ansh Bagri on social media: People love their favourite actors sharing their lives  

Actor Ansh Bagri, who is currently seen in the show Dil Toh Happy Hain Ji, is a big fan of social media. The actor says that it helps the audience get to know the artists better. “Social media is actually important because of the majority of the audience being active on social media. It’s not necessary but the actors who are social media savvy can connect with the fans and interact. The audiences love their favourite actors sharing their lives behind the camera. Fans actually get more connected to the actor through social media,” he says.

Ask him if social media has any relevance to an actor’s talent, and he says, “I don’t think social media has any relevance to an actor’s talent because today anyone can just act on something and put it up on social media. But that doesn’t make them an actor. The number of followers won’t decide whether he or she is a good actor or not. Being famous on social media doesn’t make you an actor. A real actor’s talent is seen through his work and not through his social media following.”

The actor feels that social media can be quite addictive if you are not careful. “There should be a control on it and if you use it pass your time, it’s fine. It distracts your mind when you are working. It’s addictive,” he says.

Talking about his own social media activity, he says, “I post whatever I feel. I cannot be a fake person and I just post whatever I want to. I don’t plan anything.