Ansh Bagri tests negative for COVID 19!

Actor Ansh Bagri, who is seen in the show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, had tested Covid 19 positive a few days back. As a result he was home quarantined. However, the actor has now tested negative and is gearing up to get back to work. Talking about how he fought the pandemic, Ansh says, ” I finally have tested negative after 15-16 days of quarantine at home. Had this happened to me 5-6 months back, the fear would have been different. But now at least we know that it can be cured and is not deadly for everyone. Ofcourse it is deadly for some but it depends on immunity. I had mild symptoms and they disappeared in 4-5 days. Later, may be because of my lifestyle, it didn’t hit me because I work out regularly and pay attention to what I eat. However, I got tested on time. So, I would always advice people to keep their lifestyles good and keep immunity strong,” he says.

The talented actor believes it is important to eradicate any bad habits from one’s lifestyle and not let their guards down. “One should also avoid bad habits like smoking because it affects your lungs. Covid can be really dangerous in that case. So, I think this is a warning for everyone that we should exclude bad habits from our lives. Even though I have tested negative, I will take all precautions. I will wear a mask, have social distancing and all these things and I would suggest that everyone should take precautions,” shares the actor.

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