Astrologer Anantji Patwa: Astrology is a science, should not be feared

Renowned astrologer Anantji Patwa is a well-known name in the life of India’s who’s who. The talented astrologer has provided life solutions to many celebrities in various industries. While he is known to have a lustrous client list, the humble man only believes in helping people for a better future.

“Yes, it’s true that a lot of celebrities come to me. The only approach that I follow is that of honestly. I give them the hard pill if it is important and never sugar coat things for them. Nothing can change the good times in the future but the bad times which lie ahead can be altered,” he says and goes on to add, ” I cannot name everyone but there are so many actors with whom I have lived their tough journey. I build an emotional bond with everyone and that exchange of energy always helps.”

Anantji, 54, has been helping people come out of turbulent times for over 3 decades now. Talking about how his association with astrology started, he says, “I was around 15 years old when I started realizing that astrology is my subject of choice. People often choose subjects such as psychology or English but for me it was astrology. I had started building a strong sense of intuition and I knew I wanted to use it to help people.”

People often have set ideas around astrology and associate it with magic. However, Anantji feels that is not how it should be perceived. “Astrology is science and it needs to be seen as that. People don’t need to fear astrology. I always believe that it is all about making planets your friends and letting them help you. I always motivate my clients and tell them that if there is something wrong with their astrological charts, then we can work on it. I always first try and heal people with natural remedies. Waking up on time, creating a positive atmosphere, praying to the planet that is weak in your charts. Astrology is very transparent and clear,” says Anantji, who is the astrologer for actor Sharad Malhotra, Namish Taneja, Suraj Kakkar Rakhee Vijan, Shamin Mannan, Rajpal Yadav, Kunal Pandit, Sushmita Mukherjee, producers Prateek Chakravorty and Rohit Kumar and many more. Last but not the least, Anantji calls astrology the GPRS of life.
“When I talk to people, I give them a reality. When someone comes to me, I take it as my responsibility to help them. Of course, I don’t discuss my clients with anyone else but I always tell them what wrong they have done in life. It helps them accept and work towards working towards it,” he says.