Avinash Mukherjee: Don’t have unrealistic standards of fitness for myself!

Sitting at home can take a toll on your body and fitness level, but this was not something which worried Avinash Mukherjee much during the country-wide lockdown. The actor, who is part of the show Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, says that he came up with a simple way to be in shape. “I wasn’t worried about gaining weight during the lockdown as I am a fitness freak. I never panic and have never run after unrealistic fitness standards for myself. Gyms were closed but I chose to exercise at home maintaining a holistic approach about my health, as I have always done. One must eat well. It’s all in the mind that if you eat, you will become fat. I am not obsessed with six-packs, but I want to be healthy. Lockdown surely made us realise what is important and right,” he says.

He makes sure to work out for 20-30 mind every day, even if he is at home. “It is natural to put on weight when you are at home and are not stepping out for work or anything else. During the lockdown, it was my mandatory goal to elevate my heart rate for 20-30 mins…I would do this with any activity be it dancing, skipping, yoga. This helps in digestion, makes your metabolism fast and helps to not break down muscle tissue. A sedentary lifestyle breaks down muscle tissues and builds fat,” he says.

Talking about his diet, Avinash says, “I don’t eat in small proportions. I eat healthy meals and take in 3000-3500cal a day. I make sure I burn it. The number of calories that you should consume is based on your body and height. I am 6.1 feet and I need that much. I have an active lifestyle. I never sit in one place for more than 20 mins. Even I am watching a movie or a series, I make sure that I get up and do something and then sit down. These things add up.”