Balraj Syal wins the title of ‘Baba Bhukmari’ on Khatron Ke Khiladi 10

Known for his hunger pangs and love for food, Balraj Syal has always drawn his team’s attention as the ‘hangry young man’ on the sets of Khatron Ke Khiladi which was shot in Bulgaria.

The contender, who is also a well-known stand-up comedian on television, won himself an amusing title while shooting for India’s biggest stunt-based reality show.

According to his co-contestants, Balraj was always in his funny element on the field. He was either performing tasks or was famished and jumping from one place to the other hunting for something to munch on. Upon seeing this, Karan Patel, his co-contestant, lovingly named Balraj as ‘Baba Bhukmari’ owing to the funny man’s love and loyalty for food.

Rohit Shetty and the team also observed Balraj’s continuous hunger pangs, and they too started addressing him as ‘Baba Bhukmari’, which became his new nickname. Often irritated by this, Balraj would turn the situation around into an entertaining banter, leaving everyone in splits.

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