BB11: Shilpa won’t cross her limits!

Actor Shilpa Shinde is probably the most caring and loving person in the Bigg Boss house. She is constantly seen helping people and comforting them. However, she knows where to draw the line. While she is close to many contestants in the house, she makes sure to maintain a distance physically with them.

She has often expressed her discomfort with Aakash Dadlani kissing her and pulling her cheeks. When she realised that Aakash is not paying heed to her requests, she decided to involve the other contestants. Luv Tyagi finally had a talk with Aakash and asked him to stop. 

In the recent episode, Shilpa also told Aakash that she was not ok with this behavior. He apologized for the same. Which is when it was revealed that Aakash has kissed Arshi Khan on the lips. Shilpa made it clear to Aakash that she would not entertain any such behavior.

At the same time, unlike others in the house, who would not leave an opportunity to blame others, Shilpa proved to be different. She admitted that it was her fault for not checking Aakash when she thought he was going out of hand. 

That is a mark of a genuinely true person. Shilpa has once again impressed us!