#BB12: Dramatic and Interesting Nomination Task this week

Bigg Boss house after the emotional family week, finally back to its track, As the show is ending, the Drama and Competition is increasing day by day. The nomination task begins and this time it is interesting, as all the contestant will enter Jin’s Goofa one by one and will get nominated, to get saved from nominations, Jin will order some destroying task for other person or will ask to sacrifice the belongings of their loved ones to get that person who is in Goofa saved from nominations

As we can see in the upcoming episode that Karanvir is Nominated and to save him from Nominations Dipika has to destroy the Tshirt given by her Husband Shoaib. Whereas Rohit will be saved from nominations if Deepak destroys his parent’s photographs. Deepak will be safe from nominations if KV destroys the soft toy which her cute little daughter left for him. Somi will be saved if Rohit is ready to get nominated for the rest of the season.

This is surely going to be interesting to watch, what do you think? Who will sacrifice for whom? Comment down your views in the comment section below.