#BB12: Dramtic School Bus Task, here are the two captaincy contenders

Bigg Boss 12 is catching more eyes of the viewers nowadays because of the controversial statements, fights and dramas in the house. There will be School bus task for the housemates which will help them to get their prize money back and also it will result in the captaincy of the house. The task goes like this; On the sound of the buzzer the contetsnts have to run towards the store room and pick bag of other contestants and have to enter the school bus then on the second buzzer one of them have to leave the bus, the contestant whose bag is out of the bus will be out from the race of captaincy.

According to sources, Surbhi and Rohit are the winner of the School bus task and also they are the captaincy contenders. It is also in the news by the sources that winner of the taks will also get ticket to finale.

There is a news and also in the promo of coming up episode it has shown that Sreesanth slapped Rohit Suchanti during the task.

Well, let’s see in the episode itself and if it is true then what steps will be taken against Sreesanth by BiggBoss

Lots of Drama and entertainment this week, Double eviction on Thursday and also Family members will be entering the house.