#BB12: Jasleen behind Anup’s property??

Bigg Boss season 12‘s unique concept of Singles v/s Jodis has proved to be an interesting one. With every recurring day the show is getting interesting with new twists that are brought in by the makers. The recent one being Anup Jalota sent to the secrete room instead of an elimination.

Anup saving Jasleen and taking the eviction on his head wasn’t a shocker to anyone. In fact what shook everybody was that Jasleen didn’t even resist once to leave and make Anup stay in the house. After the eviction several questions were raised on their relationship.

Romil and Deepak were discussing about the eviction. While they were talking about how Jasleen didn’t even ask Anup to stay at least once in the house, they brought an unheard facet of their relationship in the limelight.

Jasleen had asked Romil if a woman who is in a live-in relationship, can ask for her share in the man’s property?

Romil then asked Deepak to not raise this topic in the house since it can create severe confusions and arguments.

On the other side, Anup who is in the secrete room is unhappy by seeing Jasleen enjoy with Shivashish and that there is no grief on her face.

Where will the secrete room take Anup and Jasleen‘s relationship is a watch for the week.

Till then, stay tuned for more updates!