#BB12: Sreesanth, the new captain of the Bigg Boss House.

Big Boss 12 is becoming interesting day by day. Captaincy is the right that everyone in the house fights for, This week There is a Captaincy Task named as BB Cloth Shop, as we all know, Ex Bigg Boss contestant and Bollywood Actress Sana Khan will be entering the house as a guest. Sana Khan will be the owner of the cloth shop and the contenders for the captaincy task are Sreesanth and Jasleen, where they have to buy clothes from Sana at a very cheap price. the one who buys the maximum number of clothes at a cheap price will be the winner of the task and also the captain of the House.

According to our sources, Sreesanth is the winner of the task and he will be captaining the house for the first time in Bigg Boss.

This will be very Interesting to see how Sreesanth will do the captaincy, there is more drama to come in the Bigg Boss house