#BB12Nomination: Singles to target Jodis; demand sacrifices…

Bigg Boss season 12 has loads of entertainment packed together for the audience with every recurring episode. The recent elimination task is one such task filled with a lot of emotions.

One contestant from each jodi will be kidnaped by a single and certain demands will be thrown, which if fulfilled before the buzzer will lead to the single being nominated and if not then the jodi gets nominated.

Dipika targets Anup Ji and asks Jasleen to shorten her hair and destroy all her clothes and make-up in order to save him. Jasleen will be seen in tears as she finds it very difficult to destroy her clothes and make-up to stay glamorous in front of the screen. Anup Ji somewhere is seen having a faith in Jasleen that she will do the sacrifices to save him.

Srishty demands all the clothes of Shivashish and Saurabh (except any two pairs) from Shivashish in order to save Saurabh. She also demands Shivashish to shave off all the hair on his head and face except eye-brows and destroy all his perfume bottles. Spontaneously he agrees to all of this and ends up in a heated argument with Srishty. Srishty calls Shivashish a “spoilsport“.

Karanvir kidnaps Urvashi and asks her partner Deepak to shave off all the hair from his body on his own.

Sreesanth hostages Sabha and asks sister Somi to do a boy cut and destroy all her clothes. Somi will be seen in tears as it is difficult for her to chop off all her hair to a boy cut.

Neha being the captain is safe whereas Romil and Surbhi‘s jodi being a wildcard are also safe from the nominations.

Well, where will the nomination task take the relationships further in the house is a must watch.

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