#BB14: Nikki Tamboli strongly opposes Rahul Vaidya’s comment on Nepotism and ‘ladki mat bann’

The most popular contestant of Bigg Boss 14 Nikki Tamboli has stood for herself yet again against the entire house. The star who currently is in red zone is seen having a tussle amongst her friends as Jaan Sanu and Rahul Vaidya have completely turned against each other. She not only has proved her point by standing against her rivals in the show but also standing against her friends if need be.

Nikki in a recent episode of BB14 was seen strongly opposing Rahul Vaidya’s comment to Jaan Sanu ‘ladki mat bann’ to which Tamboli says, “what do you mean by that? Are girls weak? Stop using this statement.”
She also was seen explaining Rahul to not use the word ‘Nepotism’ again and again as it pinches her and is inappropriate.

Nikki Tamboli yet again stands for right and was the first one to pin point her friend Rahul Vaidya’s statement.