BCL is like a festival; feels lovely to be part of it: Kunal Pant

Actor Kunal Pant, who will be part of Anand Misha and Ekta Kapoor’s MTV BCL, says that he chose Ahmedabad Express as his team because he is close to the other players. The actor is also heading the team as the captain. “I chose Ahmedabad Express because all my buddies are here, it’s a chilled-out team and I am leading the team as a captain. BCL is the biggest party of actors where you meet everyone, have fun and play cricket but with one objective i.e. to win. So, everyone is happy to see each other but everyone is also in full competitive mode, which you see on the field, in the match,” he says.

Kunal adds that he is loving being part of BCL. “Marinating films have come up with this concept, and it’s mind blowing. You see more than 100 actors on one platform, in one sports reality show. It’s like a festival. The whole atmosphere, the sets, the people are amazing. It’s lovely to be part of this,” he says.

Talking about preparation, Kunal says, “It’s not tough to take time out to practice. Since this is a different ball, the ballers shoulders get sore. The batsmen have to reinvent their timings and fielders have to really concentrate on preventing the ball from bouncing off their hands. It’s a tough mental and physical game.”

He adds, “The main task of the team is to play as a team. Everyone should be aware of their responsibilities.”

The team has been practicing on a daily basis, says Kunal. “We practice every day for three hours. Although by now we have sore shoulders and our backs hurt, we don’t give up. The main challenge is to apply what we have been practicing hard every day. To build upon stamina, we have included proper warm-up sessions, sprints and stretching and are not overexerting ourselves,” he says.

The actor says that he has always been passionate about cricket. “Since childhood, I always wanted to be a cricketer. I used to play matches early in the morning every day as a child. And my parents would get so angry with me. But destiny made me an engineer and then an actor. But once again fate brought me here to BCL as a cricketer, on national TV. So, sometimes dreams are not just dreams. If you truly passionate about something it will come true for you in some form or other,” he says.

And who is his favorite cricketer? “MS Dhoni because he is cool and knows his job. He is a man of few words and more action. I am like him when I am in the field,” he says.