Be it, Alexander or Ranvijay  Shroff, the audience has accepted me: Rohit Purohit

Actor Rohit Purohit, who has recently joined the cast of Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, had a rather heroic entry in the show. The actor says that he is happy to be part of the show. “I am very happy with the way this show and the makers treating me and the character I am playing in it. I am glad people loved my entry in the show. All I can say is that, ‘Ye toh bas shuruvat hai, Aage aage Dekho hota hai kya!” he says.

The actor did a dance sequence right in his entry scenes. Talking about it, he says, “Ranvijay Shroff is my character’s name but they call me RV in the show. The scene where RV enters in the show was a birthday party sequence of Anaya (Iris Maity), who is playing my girlfriend in the show. So, I had to dance with her on my favourite song ‘Mere Naam Tu’,” he says.

In fact, the actor is looking very different on screen as well. “I got a haircut and changed my look for this role. My family and my wife Sheena are taking good care of my food and diet. I might be also glowing since I am newly married!” laughs Rohit.

The actor has been getting great feedback for the show. “Indeed, I am getting lots of compliments for this look because people had never seen me like this before. For me, the best compliment is when people say that, “I am not looking like Alexander (Rohit’s character in his last show Porus) at all!’. When I am shifting my image from one character to another and the audience is ready to accept it, it means half the battle is won,” he says.