Beautiful Woman = Beautiful Hair

Plenty of care is needed to keep hair healthy and shining. Together with skin, hair is also a significant part of woman’s beauty and has to be rightly treated. Follow some simple tips for your hair and use the best hairstyle for your appearance.

Your shiny hair gradually becomes brittle and braided. It is important to give it a proper treatment with a shampoo and of course, to use the right shampoo for your hair type.
Every woman has had all the problems related to hair – dandruff, hair loss, splitting ends, dryness, etc. Firstly, to deal with all these issues, you have to keep your hair clean. That is why choose a good shampoo and use it at least three times per week. Specialists say that women with curly or black hair are better to use shampoo once a week.

To manage dry and long hair, every woman needs to use hair conditioner. It makes hair smooth and easy to comb, which is good because dry hair is difficult to comb and easy to damage. After rinsing the shampoo from your hair, apply conditioner with gentle massaging movements, and then rinse with warm water.

Eat green fresh vegetables and solid juicy fruit, because you can improve your hair texture with them. These key components nourish your hair and make it beautiful. You have to drink plenty of water to properly hydrate hair.

Regular cutting/shortening
This enriches hair texture and it can strengthen and recover. You have to cut it at least once per two to three months. This way you can avoid splitting ends, frizz while brushing and other similar damages.

Hair care at home:
* Against dandruff – almond and olive oils. You have to mix these two oils and apply well to hair for 2 hours. This mask is wonderful for dry hair as well.
* Use of rosemary, peach blossom leaves, nettle, burdock, garden tea can solve the hair loss problem. All these natural substances are mixed and boiled in water. The so prepared juice is applied to hair.