#Become gorgeous! Checkout some amazing and different water fall braid hair style!

Step 1

Brush all of your hair to make sure that there is no knots before you start braiding.

Step 2

Grab the front of your hair where you want the braid to start. If you take more hair then your braid will look thick and beautiful, and divide the hair into three equal parts.

Step 3

Braid the hair by the method of right and left side of the taken hair which is switch to center, Braided towards the back of your head, don’t let it down.

Step 4

Take another section from the top of your hair and add it to the top piece of your braid, this shows the effect of waterfall.

Step 5

Bring the top piece (you have taken from the top) to the middle piece, Hold the bottom piece then drop it and get another piece from the bottom, bring the new piece over the middle piece.

Step 6

Continue doing this until you get halfway around your head and pin it with the hair pin.

Step 7

Do the other side same like this, now you’ll get the waterfall braid hair style.