Bengali TV actress Disha Ganguly commits suicide
Bengali TV actress Disha Ganguly commits suicide

Bengali TV actress Disha Ganguly commits suicide

Bengali TV actress Disha Ganguly commits suicide

Disha Ganguly, who was a Bengali television serial actress and was seen in serials like ‘Kanakanjali’ and ‘Tumi Ashbe Bole’, was found hanging at her south Kolkata home this morning. The police suspected she could have committed suicide.

The 23-year-old actress allegedly hanged herself inside her room at her residence in Parnashree in the southern parts of the city, police said.

“The actress was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her bedroom and is believed to have used dupatta as ligature. The door of the room was bolted from inside. Her boyfriend broke open the door and brought down the body,” police said.

Police are yet to ascertain the reason behind the death, but suspect it to be a case of suicide. No suicide note, however, has been recovered.

According to a leading daily, the actress had returned home after watching KKR’s opening match at Eden with her boyfriend and then, taking a trip to her boyfriend’s place to meet her mother. When she didn’t answer several of his calls the next day, the boyfriend, Vivaan, who is also a TV actor, came down to her place to discover her body hanging from the ceiling fan. The body has been sent for post-mortem.

Disha’s mother, who was abroad at the time to meet her father, have been informed and are on their way back.

On the other hand, one of Disha’s friends, who is also a small-time actress on the Bengali small screen, tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train in the Howrah station. Allegedly, Disha’s friend and her mom lived for a long time at their place, which came to an abrupt end when Disha’s mother objected  her staying in their flat. This might have prompted the friend to return back to her home in Baranagar.

According to sources, the friend received news of Disha’s death only on Thursday morning, which saw her getting very upset and anxious, post which she left in her car. It was only in the afternoon that the news of her suicide bid reached her parents in Baranagar.

She was saved by other passenger’s help and is recuperating in a nursing home in Garia.

Police have recovered Disha’s daily journal and her phone, which they are trying to unlock, in order to look for clues into her death. A number of her friends, along with her boyfriend and the friend from Baranagar are being questioned. According to friends of the actress and Vivaan from the industry, the two were a couple and were planning to get married too.