'Bey Yaar' to be screened at FTII Pune for the students.
Bey Yaar

Bey Yaar’s cast and crew celebrated perfect century.

Bey Yaar’s cast and crew celebrated perfect century.

The Gujarati film ‘Bey Yaar’ created new records from the first day of its release. Abhishek Jain’s directorial ‘Bey Yaar’ stars actors like Manoj Joshi, Darshan Jariwala, Divyang Thakkar, Pratik Gandhi, Amit Mistry, Samvedna Suwalka.

The film has come out as the first Gujarati movie in recent times which got such a huge success in cinemas across Gujarat and India. The film also made it’s way globally , as it was seen and appreciated not only in India but also at International level. The filmmakers are enjoying the successes as it’s been going houseful in Sydney, Melbourne and Dubai, the film also recently completed 100 days in theaters back home.

To celebrate the huge success of the century made by the film, the cast and crew of the movie celebrated it together recently and cut a cake. Director Abhishek Jain alongwith actors Divyang Thakkar and Pratik Gandhi with some other crew members celebrated the wonderful feat that the movie has achieved. Watching the film still running successfully in theatres across Gujarat, looks like Bey Yaar is on its way to create a history in the Dhollywood industry.

The film ‘Bey Yaar’ is about friendship and two friends. The story begins with Uday,who is an artist, narrating a story of two friends Tapan aka Tanio and Chintan aka Chako. In order to make a quick money, they loose some money to a con who poses as the blessed Goddess. Chintan’s father runs a tea stall, in which hangs a painting of a prominent artist M. F. Hussain. The painting was gifted to his father by the painter as a sign of friendship between them. Tapan and Chintan ask Uday to copy the painting and decide to mortgage the original to an art dealer. After several nights, Uday successfully copies the painting, they place the duplicate in place of the original. They mortgage the original painting with the art dealer, Y. B. Gandhi (Manoj Joshi). The next day Gandhi calls Chintan informing that the painting is a fake.

Chintan immediately meets him. Gandhi informs him that someone else had tried to sell the same painting to another dealer and that its a fake, implying that Tapan had double crossed him or that his father must have been lying and in actuality it must have been sold a long time back. Chintan angrily confronts both and out of anger his father throws him out of the house. Later Chintan reconciles with other friends and understands that Gandhi has cheated them. Gandhi publicly humiliates Chintan’s father and announces in media that the painting and the story of the friendship behind it are fake. The friends then hatch an elaborate plan to get back the painting and pride of Chintan’s father.

The film released on 29th August 2014.