Celebs say food is the ultimate mood-lifter

“A healthy food for a wealthy mood”, don’t you think this quote is absolutely true. Do nothing and give someone their most favourite food, and you will instantly see a smile on their face. So there is no denying that good food is equal to a good mood. Here are some celebs sharing their most favourite food items that cheers them up within seconds. Read on:

Suraj Kakkar: My close ones know very well that if I am not talking sense, or I am having sudden mood swings, then I am hungry. I can’t keep fast as I want food. A homemade fresh veg meal is best for me.

Aniruddh Dave: Food is directly connected to our mind, because glucose helps our mind to work so the type of food we eat, affects our body, mind and soul. That’s the reason when people eat chocolate, they feel good. I feel the cocoa or sugar portion hits cellular glucose and it positively affects our mind. So, yes food definitely changes ones mood because whatever we eat or drink it affects our body and mind.

Aarvika Gupta: Of course it works for me. Mood cheers me up especially when we get the food we love. I love Indian home made food and South Indian food. My mom makes coconut sweets and I love it. I also love rasam rice and mango pickles. All these things instantly cheer my mood and make me happy.

Jasmin Bhasin: I totally think food can cheer up ones mood, especially for people like me who are living to eat good food. Two things I eat to lift up my mood are pizza and butter chicken. It works like magic for me and makes me so happy that I forget everything. I even forgive people who have hurt me. It’s my happy drug.

Vikas Sethi: Food definitely is an amazing cheer up. I love drinking nimbu paani, and I love eating dal chawal. I eat poha and papaya for breakfast. I am a big fan of ghar ka khana.

Meera Deosthale: Yes, absolutely food does cheer ones mood. And I am definitely one of those who will binge eat if I am sad. So, generally it’s my thing, that if I am sad about something, I order pastries. I read somewhere that chocolate can lift your mood, so I order chocolate pastries. And one more food that can cheer me up instantly is pizza.

Dhruvee Haldankar: We literally decorate food while putting it on plate. Just the sight of it titillates peoples moods! I love food, both to eat and to cook. My most favorite is lemon grass jasmine and ginger Bru tea and I love toblerones!

Ankit Siwach: As they say “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well unless one has dined well”, this phrase shows the complete involvement of food in all our systems, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. The two favourite food items that I love to eat to lift my mood are peanut butter and jam sandwiches with hot coffee or I order a cheesecake, these two are my forever craving.

Jhanvi Sethi: I love drinking aam panna and I love eating oats as my favorite meal. I am a light eater and big fan for ghar ka khana.

Shilpa Raizada: Yes, of course, I think food can cheers one’s mood. I am a foodie and when I feel low I drink a cup of coffee or otherwise adrak wali chai. I also prefer desi khana like I love all veggies and sometimes chicken.

Vijayendra Kumeria: Food plays a major role in uplifting your mood. When I feel a little low, I like to have chocolate pastry or some chocolates or dark chocolate. Anything sweet helps me in uplifting my mood. I am a foodie, may be people think that I diet or I am fitness freak and I don’t eat a lot, but I genuinely eat what I feel like eating that keeps me very positive and very happy. But I eat small portions that satisfies my need. If I crave for something, I have a small portion of it as it makes me happy.

Avinash Mukherjee: Food can cheers ones mood. Chocolate makes me happy and an occasional peg of scotch works too.

Pranitaa Pandit: Food means everything to me. I live to eat. I am a complete foodie and of course, food can really cheer you up. I remember once when I was in a very bad mood and I didn’t know why I was in bad mood, I remember just going for pani puri, the moment I had pain puri and a lot of chaat, I was super happy and excited. I think comfort food is important and it is one of my favourites.

Ashna Kishore: I am a big time foodie. I can eat anything anytime. But two things I love the most are chole bhature and hot chocolate fudge. Due to the lockdown, we can’t eat outside food, so as of now ice cream is one thing I eat when I feel low, or else shakes and smoothies works for me. My mother’s home cooked food also is my favourite. And now that she is here I relish it daily.

Angad Hasija: Food is very important. I love eating junk food and sweets but I try to avoid all that as I maintain a very strict diet, but whenever I feel low, I eat chocolate it makes me feel good, and in drinks I have mango shake.

Mou Das: “The way to the heart is through the stomach”. Human mind has strange associations with olfactory receptors, so it is often seen that a certain aroma of food brings in the memories of childhood or mother’s recipes. Cooking and dining is an art. Bongs are known to live to eat. Jokes apart, I believe in good food, but I try to strike a balance between satiating my tastebuds and keeping myself healthy. That doesn’t justify hogging. I take small potions of what I like. I never starve myself, nor do I overeat. Chingri macher malai Kari and kosha mangsho are my all time favourite. Green coconut water and a typical Bengali recipe of aam pora sharbat, after a busy day outdoors in the scorching heat, is the perfect coolant. It’s absolutely refreshing and I just love them.

Kettan Singh: Yes food can cheer anyone’s mood. For me it is pizza, burger and a good cup of coffee or tea because I don’t normally eat pizza and burger. It happens once in two months. So if I have to cheer up my mood, I have two-three slices of pizza with a cup of tea or coffee. I don’t have any aerated drinks but on sometimes, I like to indulge in samosa and Pepsi.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: Yes I agree that if we get our favourite food it cheers up the mood. I make tea with pudina, masala and ginger, this is a typical Gujarati tea, it’s amazing and if I get this tea I feel really good, also if tea is not that good then it spoils my mood.
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