Chandni Sharma rejoins the caste of Ishq mein marjawa 2 post being covid negative

Chandni Sharma who was tested positive a few days ago while shooting for her show Ishq Mein marjaawaan 2 is not covid negative and has returned to her sets and resumed work
Chandni Shares “I got back on the set after 17 days of home quarantine . Its great to be back on set . Being in isolation gets very boring and depressing at times.
But you have to give your mental peace , will power and nutrient-rich diet priority in such difficult situation
Im back to work with more energy and this time , i will take more precautions. Like taking multivitamins specially vit c .
We cant avoid certain situations , it will happen if it has to but we should take all the necessary precautions.”

After Rrahul Sudhir Chandni too joins work and is in good health