#Checkout 10 Accessories To Borrow From Musicians

The legends in music not only taught us music, but also a thing or two about style. Revisiting some iconic musicians to see what we can borrow from their accessory closet.

  • Take a bow: Earlier bow ties symbolized formal musical affairs at Opera Houses and Jazz bars thanks to Louis Armstrong.
  • The Classic Beret: If David Bowie had to teach anything other than good music, it would definitely be how to accessorize.
  • The John Lennon’s: John Lennon’s eye frame is probably as famous as Lennon and his music itself, if not more.
  • The fedora story: Frank Sinatra’s picture is incomplete without his fedora. Not only did he epitomize New York through his scintillating voice, he also epitomized the class look with his fedora in all forms and sizes.
  • Something in your eyes: If you could borrow one other thing from Bob Dylan, apart from his voice, of course, it will certainly have to be his cat eye framed wayfarers.
  • Red, blue or green: The crazy hair music god, Bob Marley also taught how to embrace bright colors and gigantic caps. Big colorful caps are something you should totally stack up.
  • Just beat it: Michael Jackson the poster boy of style showed the world, his white socks popping through the classic Oxfords and well-tailored trousers are supremely smart.
  • Lines and crosses: The king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley not only knew the moves, but had a knack for fashion as well.
  • Move like Jagger: You should not only move like Mick Jagger but, also suite up like him. Jackets in velvet, prints, polka dots and plain, come in all shapes and size is what he told us.
  • From the streets of Philadelphia: Bruce Springsteen revolutionized rebel styling.

Credits: Smrithi Rao