#CheckOut- Forbidden Rakhis by the telly stars

Rakshabandhan is a festival of brother-sister affection, the love, harmony, bond that they share with each other. While celebrating Rakhi with your blood kin and other cousins, some people even have Rakhi brothers and sisters. Amidst all of this fun, guys would never want their crushes or in particular some chosen girls to tie them the holy thread.

Here we bring you a few male celebrities who would never want to get a Rakhi tied from…

Ssharad Malhotra: Deepika Padukone for sure!

Naveen Sharma: Alia Bhatt because I love her. She is amazing and I will never allow her to be my sister.

Jason Tham: Deepika Padukone. Not just me but the whole nation would not want her to be their sister. She has everything looks, talent, intelligence and a beautiful heart.

Ayyaz Ahmed: That would have to be Jacqueline Fernandes. She is so sweet, I would never want her to be my sister

Hetial Puniwala: Jacqueline Fernandes for sure! She seems so innocent and sweet. I don’t want her to be my sister.

Ayush Anand: Anyone who I would feel sisterly love for can tie me a rakhi. I have no issues with that… I have never had a crush on any actress.

Well, who is your forbidden Rakhi? Let us know in the comments section.