chekout some interesting things about Cone Snail!

The Cone Snail is one of those animals that no one thinks about, but it is as deadly as it gets. Usually, one may not even realize they are handling a Cone Snail because the first thing you see is their beautiful shell. The snail underneath is an afterthought, but a deadly one.

Shell collectors end up picking one up and the snail’s harpoon will stick into the person. What happens next depends on the Cone Snail. Each one has a different poison. The deadly ones have a Neurotoxin that will temporarily paralyze you. Then your body will start to shut down. You will also develop severe respiratory problems. This could be the worst part of it.

The Cone Snail has something called a Conotoxin.

There is no cure for what the Cone Snail puts in your system. Sometimes full blood transfusions are necessary to get rid of the poison.

The way to survive the attack initially, before help arrives, is to make sure you alert someone as quickly as possible by calling 911. You should also make sure that CPR is performed. If CPR is administered, chances are there will be enough time to save the person’s life. If not, they risk dying.