Choose the Right Mascaras for Your Eye Color!

When choosing the right mascara color, you should ensure it match well with your eye color, skin tone and hair color. This should be done in addition to using other makeup that compliments your colored mascaras.

Mascaras for Green Eyes – if you are of lovely green eyes, purple and plum mascaras will be good for you. This colors will greatly fatter your eyes if they are paired with grey eyeshadow, especially if you do smokey eyes.

Mascaras for Brown Eyes – People with dark brown eyes can use brown or green. Darker mascara is generally good especially black for people who have brown eyes. However, going for navy blue mascara is still a good decision. If you have light brown eyes, go for purple mascaras.

Mascara for Hazel eyes – So what color of mascaras can you use for hazel eyes? It is simple, apply green to help capture the green tones in your hazel eyes. Use silver eyeshadow to help bring contrast with the green mascara so that your eyes will pop.

Mascara for Blue Eyes – girls with blue eyes can use bright marine to accentuate their eyes by making them brighter. This blues shade can be worn with bronze or copper eyeshadow. Purple mascaras will still look great on blue eyes.