COLORS ‘WEAVES’ with India for a stronger tomorrow

Marking the launch of its new fiction offering Shubharambh, COLORS has collaborated with Rouble Nagi Art Foundation (RNAF) to weave the longest ecofriendly bed linen. Giving a platform to the artisans from across the country, the initiative imparts the importance of strong partnerships and how it can help in the betterment of our society. COLORS has always believed in collective progress of the society and reach the consumers at a grassroot level to emerge stronger together. Hence, as a second leg to this activity, the linen will be distributed among the ones in need. Shubharambh chronicles the journey of Raja and Rani, who are imperfect as individuals but together they weave magic. As the show focuses on the power of ‘Ek aur Ek gyarah’, the initiative too will bring India together for a stronger tomorrow.

Mahima Makhwana who plays the role of Rani says, “ I’m proud to be associated with this great initiative ‘Ek aur Ek Gyarah’ by COLORS that is derived from the roots of the show. I personally believe that when people unite a stronger force is created and then accomplishing any goal becomes easy. I wish COLORS and Rouble Nagi Arts Foundation the very best for this initiative and I hope we together inspire millions through this campaign.”

Akshit Sukhija who essays the role of Raja, exclaims, “Weaving a stronger India is a brilliant initiative by COLORS and Rouble Nagi Arts Foundation. I wish everyone who’s weaving the largest ecofriendly bed linen the best. ‘Ek aur ek gyaraah’ is an exceptional way to give back to the community and it’s a great Shubhaarambh for a stronger tomorrow ‘. ”

Rouble Nagi, Founder, Rouble Nagi Art Foundation, said, “We are excited to partner with COLORS for the launch of ‘Shubharambh’, a show that has a behavior-change message around ‘strong partnerships’. COLORS has always connected with viewers by showcasing major social issues at the grassroots level and we have done the same at RNAF through our unique initiatives. This association will give thousand men and women in villagers and slums all over the country a chance to showcase their skillset and at the same time provide help to the ones in need. With this collaboration, we hope to reach out far and encourage thousands to uplift each other.”

Rouble Nagi Foundation conducts art workshops throughout India and runs 32 Balwadis in Mumbai alone. The foundation aims to transform the community through art. It’s latest initiative ‘Misaal Mumbai’ was the first ‘slum painting’ initiative in the country where they painted over 2,000 houses and continues their work in this field.