Daksh Rana to play Batuk in COLORS Barrister Babu

COLORS’ popular show Barrister Babu has won many hearts and has received immense love and appreciation from the audience for its unique concept. The show stars Pravisht Mishra (As Anirudh Roy Choudhary) and Aurra Bhatnagar (As Bondita) as the lead character. In what is an exciting bit of news for the fans of the show, Barrister Babu will be back with fresh episodes from 13th July 2020. In the story ahead, Anirudh Roy Choudhary will be taking a big decision that will change the life of Bondita completely. Another surprise element in the show which we will see is child actor Daksh Rana’s entry. Daksh will play the role of Batuk, Anirudh’s youngest brother.

Talking about his role Daksh Rana said, “ I am very happy that I got the opportunity to work with a channel like COLORS and to play the role of Batuk in the show. Batuk is very mischievous and he always loves to trouble Bondita. He feels that, ever since Bondita has become a part of their family, everyone pampers her more than him so he is jealous of her. I am having a lot of fun shooting for the role and I hope that the audience will continue giving us the same love.”

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