Debina Bonnerjee expresses her thoughts on why the comeback of Ramayan on television is being received so well

Actress Debina Bonnerjee feels that watching content which is soothing and calming during these tough times is what people need to really do to help keep their mental wellbeing in place.

The actress also feels that the reason why the comeback of her show ‘Ramayan’ is working so well on TV right now is because of the content which is not only filled with traditional values but also reassuring and motivational for people to watch through this lockdown phase filled with so much uncertainty!

Speaking about why the comeback of Ramayan has been received with so much warmth and love, Debina shares,”Not only is this a lockdown where we are just sitting idle at home, but these are infact very trying and testing times for people right now, due to which mental health and wellbeing has become a concern for many! So at this time the most relieving factor is not just watching any kind of content, but watching something that is calming and inspirational, as well as something that even helps you self introspect! And that is the reason why Ramayan has been doing so well on screen again.”