Debina Bonnerjee to wrap up her negative shade cameo in Aladdin

Actress Debina Bonnerjee who is currently portraying the negative shade of ‘Mallika’ on Sabtv’s Aladdin is all set to bid adieu to the show.

Debina’s role which was a cameo, is going to wrap up early this week, also marking the actress’s last day on shoot today.

Speaking about wrapping up on the show, Debina shares,”My role was a cameo on the show, so I was prepared to wrap it up after a certain number of episodes. This is the first time I am wrapping up a character in the middle of the show, compared to other times when I have always been a part of a show till the end. The experience of shooting for Aladdin was great! My wish of also working in the fantasy genre was fulfilled with this role. There was so much to explore, learn and majorly enhance in this role, which made the entire experience an even better one. The best part of a fantasy genre is that it has no limitations when it comes to the creative aspect! Playing a negative shade as well was very different, and something I thoroughly enjoyed portraying on screen. Overall my stint on the show was enjoyable, with a lot of memories to take back home.”