Debina’s backpacking escapade with her mommy dearest!

Television actor & lifestyle blogger Debina Bonnerjee recently took a vacation with her mother in the Queen’s city & the girls were apparently on fire exploring the city & letting their hair down. 
From exploring the city on foot to trying local restaurants to pub hopping & taking wrong routes, they did it all, ‘This trip tops the list. I honestly had no idea a backpacking trip with my mother will turn out to be one of the best experiences of my life. It was enriching, we didn’t really go out together for the last 10 years so this was long overdue. Only this time around I was her guardian & she would listen to me, she absolutely trusted me & we took one day at a time with no prior planning. I remember this one day we almost walked for 20kms from tower bridge to London Eye along the banks of River Thames & entered in any interesting local eatery we found along the route. Somewhere for coffee or food or just a note or a drink. It was simply surreal.’ 
‘I remember we got in a bus headed to a location & later changed our mind so got off mid-way & mom wanted to visit St. Paul Cathedral so we followed the maps & landed somewhere else but the experience was worth it. With Gurmeet, I can’t really spend hours shopping but with mom it’s different. We did everything we wanted to do, spontaneously made up Plan B In case if plan A didn’t work. We were communicating in Bengali, having breakfast in the park every morning.’ 
Debina believes this trip brought her closer to her mom, ‘I would recommend everyone to take one trip with their mothers. It was non-interfering, there were no expectations… maybe even better than an all girls trip. We’ve come back fresher & closer.’