#Exclusive: Deepshikha Deshmukh: My son has been my inspiration behind starting a chemical free, natural skincare range

Producer Deepshikha Deshmukh who is known to produce some remarkable films starring some of the top notch actors of the industry has emerged as a budding entrepreneur too, who owns her brand called, ‘Love Organically’ that produces organic skin care products. Deepshikha is the name behind films like, Sarbjit, Madari, Dil Junglee, Ventilator to name a few.

Recently, we got in touch with Deepshikha to know about her journey, the way she balances her work along with her family and many more, here are the Excerpts from the conversation that we had with her.

What inspired you to start love organically?

My son has been my inspiration behind starting a chemical free, natural skincare range. He had extremely dry skin and no matter what I applied from the market they all had chemicals and harmful ingredients and would always irritate his skin more. So I started with home remedies for him. And it worked really well. I needed to find a solution where I could preserve the natural and organic ingredients for kids. And that is when I started studying formulations. It took me two years to understand it and with the help of Ayurvedic doctors we started making products and using it for my children and for some family and friends. Thats how ‘Love Organically’ came to be born. And everyone loved it so much that they suggested me to start a range. Not just in India but all over the world there are no such brands with product functionality and specifics for children. And this was something that was really required in India. So yes, my children are the inspiration for the brand.

How was this thought process and challenges that you faced?

Love Organically can be perfectly described as a concoction of a mother’s unconditional love and the goodness of nature, all packed into one! It was my son’s delicate skin that got me all caught up with skin care products and the lack of natural ones available. That was the start of my journey to create products rooted in Ayurveda, that are organic, naturally occurring and guided by the wisdom of generations. I wanted to create products that were suited for mums and their kids alike, without any worry of damaging their delicate skin.

How do you balance between making films, managing love organically and taking care of your family and children?

Let me start by simply admitting that trying to strike a balance between all aspects of life is tough. Not impossible but simply tough. Once you are a mother you are bestowed with this power that enables you to reach out and be there for your kids at any given point in time. They are my foremost priority. But I’m on a path of learning to dedicate time to work and compartmentalize everything. So one doesn’t affect the other. I’ve got a great family and my husband Dhiraj is my biggest strength and support- and not to forget My brilliant team, who help me make it all possible.

Women Producers are emerging in Bollywood, giving a tough competition to the male film makers. What’s your take on this?

Women always had it in them, it’s about time they come out and transform every field with much power and grace. A big thumbs up and kudos to all our women producers who are doing soo well and bringing in a great working ethos.

Lastly, a message for all our readers?

Never forget to follow your dreams and more importantly never forget to live them.

Hardworking, creative, passionate for her work, a loving wife, a caring daughter/daughter in law and adoting mother; wishing Deepshikha Deshmukh immense luck and success.