Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge actress Mandira Bedi feels that Indian men are cowards!

An actress, a mother, an entrepreneur and an artist – Mandira Bedi are all of this and much more, juggling roles and yet pushing the envelope.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge actress has donned several hats besides gracing the silver screen. One of her achievements includes being a fantastic celebrity to look up to. But as they say, everything comes at a price. And thus, being a public figure and constantly under the spotlight sometimes puts you under the scrutiny of many. Many who believe they get to have a say in the celeb’s life, the keyboard warriors as we call them who jump in action at the drop of a hat.

With every social media, a post comes the baggage of opinions and trolls are a part too, a rather major one. Mandira Bedi has been trolled too, even slut-shamed. When asked about the experience, she says getting trolled online feels like an assault and she has realized that Indian men are cowards.

“I had enough cases of men judging me for entering their territory but it was largely facing to face, so I had a chance to give it back to them,” Mandira said in a statement.

The actress says things have changed in the digital era.

She said: “Now things have changed because, with social media, anonymity comes to their rescue. But what I have experienced over these years is that Indian men are cowards.

“Usually, I don’t pay attention to such comments because on one hand I have women who call me their inspiration and on the other hand I have body shaming comments by men.”
She expressed her views on “Troll Police”.
“Even though I prefer to ignore it but at times, it is very disturbing to read such comments especially with the kind of language trolls use. It feels like an assault. The behavior of these trolls is stemming from the poor upbringing where women are objectified and confined inside the four walls,” she added.

Actress Zareen Khan will host the episode of the show as Rannvijay Singh is busy with Roadies new season.

Recently, a video of Mandira Bedi had gone viral wherein she was doing push-ups in a saree and sky-high heels have surfaced on the Internet and boy oh boy, she never fails to dole out major fitness goals. And her attitude only asserts that no matter what anyone says, be determined towards what you seek.

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